Tommy Collins

Tommy Collins – Eat. Sleep. Rave.


Our next novel is the story of Tommy Collins, a young man growing up on the Valley Park estate in the late 1980s. He’s a ducker and a diver, with a wife and a young child to take care of, even though he’s not long out of his teens himself. He has big dreams, and his boldest ambition is to be a professional music promoter, to be at the top of his game, rubbing shoulders with the stars in sunny, far off and exotic places.


It’s a life that couldn’t be further from the daily grind of the Job Centre, fiddle jobs, YTS schemes and the police on his tail twenty-four/seven. Tommy and his friends have spent the last year organising illegal rave parties in warehouses. But this year, the Summer of Love 1989, they have the chance to pull off the biggest rave party the North East has ever seen, and earn themselves enough cash to get away from Valley Park once and for all.

But DCI Peach, bitter, lonely and the wrong side of fifty, is on their backs, and won’t let up his moral crusade against drugs, thugs and, god forbid, dancing.

Tommy Collins will be published in August 2018.

This is a tease we made of Tommy Collins when it was a movie script called ‘Heads’ back in 1998.